Dressing For Winter

The clocks have gone back the nights are darker and the air now has a really wintery feel about it.

Vilagallo Check Wrap CoatSo time to get into the winter mode of dressing. My boots are now on. This season we are still seeing the trend towards short boots and they are so flexible to wear looking great with jeans, trousers, skirt or dress. If you choose to wear them with a skirt or dress go for a nice thick 80 den tight. We have just started stocking Falke tights and I have to say they are amazing.

As winter approaches it’s nice to get a nice cosy feel in your wardrobe you can achieve this with a great dress and scarf. Or a great pair of trousers and some fabulous knitwear, go for pieces that you can easily interchange with each other and that will take you from day to evening.

Remember it’s better to have a few good quality pieces rather than lots of mediocre pieces. We all tend to wear our favourite items over and over again and the rest just sits in the wardrobe.

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