Wardrobe change as the sun starts to shine

Fee G Pink Trouser SuitLet’s hope that May brings some warmer weather after such a mild winter it’s rather disappointing that the sun hasn’t been shinning. Having changed my wardrobe over a few weeks ago really keen to start wearing some new bits.

The trends for summer are fabulous. Going to see lots of shorts, cropped trousers and 7/8 ankle grazers. If you are conscious about wearing shorts always good to give your legs a light fake tan. Go for black or navy they don’t stand out as much and you can then add a nice bright top into the mix. The 7/8 trousers are very flattering and will make your legs appear longer and give a great slim line shape.Lots of ladies worry about slowing their knees but as we always tell customers, people don’t tend to walk around looking at your knees.

Wear your shorts/crops with confidence and you’ll look great, once the suns out there is nothing better.

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