What to pack for summer beach holidays

Time for a new summer Wardrobe

Everyone’s minds are starting to turn towards their up coming summer holidays, the thought of that well earned rest, and some lovely sunshine.

If your planning a beach holiday or something more adventurous it’s always nice to have some new items in your suitcase, but what to pack ??

As there’s so many great dresses around this season they really are the ideal thing to pack, they are light and take up very little room, also a pair of white cropped jeans is a great choice teamed with a few different tops or tunics it will give you a few different looks.

Wwe have some amazing sparkly wedge flip flops in a variety of designs which are a “real must have”, great for day and evening, they will save you having to pack too many different shoes.

If you want something special for the evening, or summer wedding, then look no further than a Joseph Ribkoff outfit it’s a wonderful addition to any summer wardrobe and will be a piece that comes out year after year !!!!

Joseph Ribkoff Summer Outfit

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