Spring clean your wardrobe!

The weather’s not great for the next few days so a good time to reorganise the wardrobe.

Bring a new lease of life to some clothes, revitalise favourite pieces. Put the bounce back in your step, when you open the doors to a new tidy looking wardrobe. Thought we would share a few of our favourite tips with you.

  1. A good starting point is to have a seasonal changeover, it means your wardrobes aren’t too crowded and you can actually see what you have in there. If you are short on storage space use the vacuum storage bags for the season’s items you don’t need. Or some garment bags if you have room, leave items like dresses on hangers to make it easier when you want to get them out again.
  2. Take everything out of the wardrobe and go through each piece one by one if you haven’t worn something for a year or so, put it to one side. If you have an item that you keep taking out of the cupboard and never end up wearing, probably time for it to go. Put it to one side for the Charity shop when they reopen or maybe send a photo to a few friends someone may love it, good to recycle.
  3. Always great to keep good classic pieces and items you love. Before you start to put items back make sure everything is in good condition and it’s not just a piece you love because it’s become slouchy and comfortable, but looks a little natty. If you have items like this put them in a basket and keep them at the bottom of the wardrobe for your staying in days, like now. If you are short on space use space saver hangers so you can hang as much as possible. I like to put items in colour blocks and then hang in their clothes group dresses, blouses, jackets etc. Tidy wardrobe tidy mind.
  4. Work out the gaps you have in your wardrobe. Think about new items that you would like to add to freshen things up. Maybe some of this season’s colour, some new jeans.

If you need any help we’re always happy to share ideas with you about new pieces, plus new ideas to make you feel stunning.

Just give us a call on 01371 879862

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