Covid update

Just a little update on the current situation.

You are required to wear a mask when entering the shop. We will also be wearing masks and visors. Gloves are on hand to stop the alcohol from the sanitiser getting on the clothes. You are free then to touch everything and try anything on. We have a full screen between customers and staff at the payment point.

Once clothes have been tried on anything that isn’t purchased is sprayed with a special clothing disinfectant and placed on our quarantine rail which is split into 3 days and moved along daily. The changing room is then sprayed with a like fogging spray which cleans the area.

If you don’t want to try on in the shop your welcome to take items home and try them on. When you return them they have to be placed in our returns box and we can’t touch them for 72 hours, please make sure your receipt is on the bag with your phone number on it, so we can call you after the 72 hours when the good have been checked and then issue the refund.

The shop is cleaned after every customer and we wash our hands in between customers and clean the credit card machine and tills down.

The shop goes through a fogging process at the end of each week to ensure it’s absolutely clean. We also have a purifying air filter running all the time. Shops have also been classed as one of the lowest risks for spreading Covid 19.

If you purchase via the website please be assured the items will be wrapped in a clean and safe environment.

Hopefully we will see a new normal in the not too distance future where we can go back to our normal shopping habits.

Happy shopping


If you need any help we’re always happy to share ideas with you about new pieces, plus new ideas to make you feel stunning.

Just give us a call on 01371 879862

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